Feral Blue is about surviving on a ship with your crew in the boundless Ocean, which once flooded the entire planet. No continents, no states – only rare islands, sea nomads and technology of the Age of Sail.

In 1699 the Sun became too bright. Perhaps, it was that flash that changed the world. Polar ice melted, seas came out of the shores, millions of people died. Those who survived through it, call it the Second Flood. But there are not many of them left.

Start with your first ship, build your town, subdue your enemies and create your own oceanic empire!

  • Hero Ship — captains are mortal, but the ship must sail further. The player creates a whole dynasty of captains and their crews: conspiracies, revolutions and poisonings of unnecessary people included.
  • Naval battles — the player himself controls the ship’s shooting and leads his boarding team into attack.
  • Deep crew management — your people differ from each other, have their needs and require constant attention, otherwise it can all end with an epidemic or riot.
  • From a bandit gang to your own state — military campaigns, economic policy and diplomacy await.